United Nations Peacekeepers

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Patrolling the Lawless Sahara Desert With The Blue Helmets – VICE on HBO (12 mins)

Mali has been plagued by jihadist attacks for years now. But five years into the international intervention in Mali, conditions are still extremely dangerous We joined the U.N. peacekeepers known as the “Blue Helmets” on their mission across the lawless Sahara desert in Mali.

Blue Helmets: Chinese Peacekeepers in South Sudan (3 mins)

Ma Zhongxiu is a psychological consultant for Chinese peacekeepers in South Sudan

Female Police Peacekeepers: In their own Voices (5 mins)

The film promotes the UN Global Effort to recruit more female police and presents interviews of female police peacekeepers describing their own experiences in United Nations peacekeeping operations, what they have learned, what motivates them to do this kind of work and the impact they have had.


United Nations Peacekeeping – Pinterest


The Security Studies Podcast – The Center for Security Studies at Georgetown University

Jeffrey Palmer met with Professor Rebecca Patterson to discuss her course, the US, the UN, and Peacekeeping. (64 mins)


New Media:

SDG16 – Peace, Justice and Strong Institutions

How can it play a role in a turbulent world?

De Montfort University – Global Lead for SDG 16

Mark Charlton, Associate Director of Public Engagement, DMU: in-conversation at 18.00 Saturday 2nd May.

De Montfort University has been selected as the global lead by the United Nations for one of its Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), which are aimed at transforming the lives of millions by 2030.

DMU is the only university in the world to be granted the honour of spearheading work into an SDG – and has been chosen for SDG 16 to promote peace, justice and strong institutions.

The award follows the university being made the UN’s global lead, in January 2018, to mobilise higher education through a new network to reduce the impact of forced migration.”


Under the Blue Helmet: Life as a UN Peacekeeper in the Democratic Republic of the Congo (VR)

Who are the Peacekeepers?

More than one million men and women have served under the UN flag since 1948. UN Peacekeepers can be military, police and civilians. Tragically, more than 3,500 have lost their lives in the cause of peace.


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