Holocaust Memorial Day – Learning Resources

Day 7 of the 10-day Conflict Memory & Education programme coincides with Holocaust Memorial Day.

Those wishing to access accurate information regarding the Holocaust will find The Holocaust Memorial Day Trust has an extensive Resources area on its website, as does the Holocaust Educational Trust.

These rseources are especially suitable for parents looking to find suitable resources for educating their child on this subject.

I also recommend taking a look at the new website by my friend and colleague, Julian Harrison. The website www.shoah.info uses contemporary images to reflect on the subject and provide some up-to-date context. The image above is a typical example of how Julian presents the work. With the only surviving Synagogue behind him, and a Jewish owned business next door, this view of ordinary people represented as an ‘above street level’ exhibition focuses on stories of Jewish life rather than death.

This is something we discuss in our recorded session from Day 3 of the programme.

The interview is available to view through the Conflict Reportage Archive Facebook Page – click here

He is trying to get people to understand that before this tragic period of events, the Jewish community was living in cities across Europe, contributing to everyday life.

The Holocaust or Shoah changed all that.




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