Alternative Conflict Reportage – The Art of Robert McNeil

On Friday 22nd January 21, I hosted an online discussion with Robert McNeil MBE – former Forensic Technician and now a UNESCO RILA Affiliate Artist & Ambassador for Remembering Srebrenica.

I was joined by Kim Sadique, Associate Professor in Community & Criminal Justice, De Montfort University to discuss with Robert his art pieces, visits to schools to share his experiences, and ongoing support of Remembering Srebrenica. Alternative ways to represent conflict memory can often be more powerful and create a stronger emotional connection when presented as media other than raw photography. I think this is what makes Robert’s artwork so powerful. They come from a place of recollection drawing on his personal experiences. They invite you to reflect.

Kim is Chair of the Remembering Srebrenica East Midlands Board – Twitter @EastSrebrenica and Co-Chair of the Global Peace & Transitional Justice Research Group, De Montfort University – Twitter @DMU_GPTJRG

The interview was recorded and is now ready to view through the Conflict Reportage Archive Facebook Page – click here

During the recording, we mention Robert & Kim’s participation in the podcast about Srebrenica, Untold Killing – you can find out more details on the six-part series by clicking here.

You can view more of Robert’s work below and on his website

Click to access witness-for-robert-websitecompressed.pdf








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