Newsroom: Remembering Srebrenica 25


Kim Sadique, Associate Professor in Community & Criminal Justice, De Montfort University

Kim is Chair – Remembering Srebrenica East Midlands Board – Twitter @EastSrebrenica and Co-Chair – Global Peace & Transitional Justice Research Group, De Montfort University – Twitter @DMU_GPTJRG



John Coster, Journalist and Documentary Media Centre Founder 

John is the Media Representative on the Board of Remembering Srebrenica East Midlands – Twitter @DocMediaCentre



2.00pmClick to watch the introduction by Kim Sadique

Remembering Srebrenica – 25th anniversary on 11th July 2020

Fifty years after the world said “Never Again” to the horrors of the Holocaust, genocide took place on European soil.

The name Srebrenica has become synonymous with those dark days in July 1995 when, in the first ever United Nations declared safe area, thousands of men and boys were systematically murdered and buried in mass graves. The victims, predominantly Muslim, were selected for death on the basis of their identity. This was the worst atrocity on European soil since the Second World War.

2.20pm Rešad Trbonja – a survivor of the Siege of Sarajevo – Former In-Country Coordinator for Remembering Srebrenica and Honorary Associate Professor in the Community and Criminal Justice Division at De Montfort University, Leicester.

Click to watch the interview

3.00pm Marcus Baxter – Criminology graduate reflecting on early 2020 trip to Srebrenica.

Click to watch the interview

3.15pm Almasa Salihović – a survivor of the Srebrenica genocide.

Click to watch the interview

4.10pm Laura Paton – Criminology Graduate / Researcher talking about her work with the Bosnia UK Network on ‘Survivors Right to be Heard’.

Click to watch the interview

4.30pm Robert McNeil MBE – former Forensic Technician and now a UNESCO RILA Affiliate Artist & Ambassador for Remembering Srebrenica.

Click to watch the interview

5.10pmHampton School – Teacher Andy Lawrence will share the story behind the #GenocideKnowMore campaign.

Click to watch the interview

5.50pmClick to watch the closing remarks



The Faces of Srebrenica

A photo project set up by Radio Free Europe and Radio Liberty, it honours the memory of the 8,372 men and boys executed at Srebrenica.


Srebrenica Virtual Museum

Remembering Srebrenica has teamed up with Al-Jazeera Balkans to bring the world a major online learning resource – the Srebrenica Web Genocide Museum.


Dark Bosnia Online Art Exhibition: Robert McNeil iota

Twenty five years on, this virtual exhibition of powerful new paintings and texts by Robert McNeil depicts and informs on tragedies and triumphs resulting from genocide in Bosnia and Herzegovina. The lesson from DARK BOSNIA is clear: Every society is vulnerable to prejudice and intolerance. We must all remain vigilant against these forces, and take positive action to build stronger, more resilient communities.




Autopsy of a Massacre (52 mins) Amazon prime

A film that follows the work of French Police Investigator, Jean-Rene Ruez.


Lost Images (28 mins) Amazon Prime

Journalist, Zoran Petrovic – what happened to the missing film frames in his footage recorded during the genocide in Srebrenica?



John Coster interviews Kim Sadique during the Conflict reportage Archive’s 24 hour Newsroom on Sunday 3rd May 2020

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