Women Reporting Conflict

Recommendations for further understanding around the subject / theme:


Lynsey Addario interview: ’10 Questions You Always Wanted To Ask…. A War Reporter’

(7.30 mins)


The Female Face of War – Photojournalist Jonathan Alpeyrie (DW Deutsche Well)


Ukraine / Donetsk @RedKateNews – coverage of the on-going frontline conflict in the region via Instagram


War Through a Woman’s Lens – The Conversation on BBC News World Service (Dec 2018, 27 mins)

Two award-winning conflict photographers from India (Poulomi Basu) and the United States (Lynsey Addario).


New Media:

‘Our Women on the Ground’ by Arab Women Reporters


The Silencing Crime Report: Lauren Wolfe, Journalist / Former Director, WMC Women under Siege

“In June 2011, I published a report at the Committee to Protect Journalists called “The Silencing Crime” about sexualized violence and journalists”.


The Wars in Iraq and Afghanistan Changed Me’ – by Alison Baskerville

As part of National Geographic’s Women of Impact special, soldier-turned-photographer Alison Baskerville discusses the place of gender in the armed forces – and the unseen cost of conflict.


Exhibition for International Women’s Day on Women Reporting Conflict (8th March 2020)

The featured female photographers and correspondents included:

Clare Hollingworth

Gerda Taro

Dickie Chapelle

Francoise Demulder

Catherine Leroy

Marie Colvin


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