The Human Cost

Recommendations for further understanding around the subject / theme:


9/11 – Amber Rondel documentary (3 mins) – interview with John Halker about the morning of September 11th 2001.

We shall be in-conversation with Amber Rondel (filmmaker) and John Halker at 11.00am on Sunday 3rd May.


The Major Conflicts driving the World’s Worst Refugee Crisis – (2.31 mins)


Returning to Uganda 2012 – content by BBC Radio Leicester’s Rupal Rajani (2.33 mins).

Rupal is currently co-designing a ‘Uganda 50’ memory project with the Documentary Media Centre for 2022.

We shall be in-conversation with Rupal Rajani, BBC Broadcast Journalist at 10.00am on Sunday 3rd May.


Uganda: A Place I Once Called Home (Trailer) Filmed by Anjani Kat



National Geographic UK November 2019 issue

November’s issue of National Geographic magazine is the first produced by all-female contributors. It recognises a century of change in attitudes towards women – and the rise of female voices in science, politics, adventure and culture, where they are re-writing the rules and re-drawing the future. Opening an insightful 130 year-strong archive of photography and featuring essays, impactful journalism and the voices of females worldwide, this is a celebration of individuals, an evolution in attitudes – and an exploration of what needs to happen next.



Podcast: Human Trafficking – MOAS (Migrant Offshore Aid Station) 27 mins

Human trafficking and the world that surrounds it, both in Libya and Niger.


New Media:

Women and girls with disabilities in conflict and crises – report by Institute of Development Studies.

We shall be in-conversation with Sarah J Reilly, Disability Rights Advocate, Adviser & Researcher at 10.30am on Sunday 3rd May. Sarah is one of the founder members of the new Women’s Research Centre being hosted here at the Documentary Centre.

“People with disabilities have been found to ‘form one of the most socially excluded groups in any displaced or conflict-affected community’ (Pearce et al, 2016: 119). They may have difficulty accessing humanitarian assistance programmes, due to a variety of societal, attitudinal, environmental and communication barriers, and are at greater risk of violence than their non-disabled peers (Pearce, 2014: 4). Women and girls with disabilities are ‘particularly vulnerable to discrimination, exploitation and violence, including gender-based violence (GBV), but they may have difficulty accessing support and services that could reduce their risk and vulnerability (Pearce, 2014: 4)”

Human Trafficking, Conflict and Security (7th June 2019)

The scale of human trafficking around the world is staggering, affecting populations across regional, ethnic, and religious lines. Trafficking is not simply a gross violation of dignity and human rights—it is also a security challenge.


Bodies as Sites of War: Women and Conflict in Sri Lanka – book by Zinthiya Ganeshpanchan.

Zinthiya has been the main instigator behind the new Women’s Research Centre hosted here at the Documentary Media Centre. I now have several copies of this book available in the Library & Archive room…… if you wish to receive a free copy please email

My review: “Using the testimony of women from all sides of the Sri Lankan conflict…… the author highlights an issue that has come to define modern conflict…..not just the deliberate targeting of civilians but of women in particular.

For centuries women have been an accepted ‘spoil of war’……but now they are targeted as part of a strategy, that in many cases, receives the support of the very top leadership including politicians … some instances a pre-emptive strike against the enemy and the morale of its fighters prior to firing a single shot or missile.

This is now so common….so accepted as a consequence of warfare that it says as much about modern society’s backward step from embracing women’s equality as it does about the role of the combatant in conflicts of the 21st century“.

Ugandan Asians: Life 40 Years On – Rupal Rajani, BBC Broadcast Journalist – BBC News article (2012)

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