State Sanctioned Crime

Recommendations for further understanding around the subject / theme:


Burundi: Inside the secret killing house

Burundi’s security services are running secret torture and detention sites to silence dissent, former government intelligence agents have told BBC Africa Eye (4th December 2018).

Using cutting-edge reconstruction techniques, BBC Africa Eye examines one house in particular, which was filmed in a video posted on social media in 2016.


Brazilians blame Rio governor’s shoot-to-kill policy for death of girl (22nd Sept 2019)

Hundreds protest over favela killing of Ágatha Félix, eight, allegedly shot in back by police



Podcast: Blood and Power in the Philippines (21st March 2019)

Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte makes his own rules. His war on drugs has led to the deaths of thousands of alleged drug users and dealers. His violent rhetoric and rape jokes have shocked people around the world. 


New Media:

Peeling Back the Layers on the Role of Private Security Companies in Africa (The Conversation)


How Assad Made Truth a Casualty of War – the killing of Sunday Times Correspondent, Marie Colvin


Russian private military company Wagner: a mercenary outfit highly active in the Syrian and Ukrainian conflicts – The Atlantic

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