Reporting Global Conflicts

Recommendations for further understanding around the subject / theme:


Frontline Conflict Around the World

Dramatic and hard-hitting footage from war zones and conflicts, shot by Journeyman Pictures’ freelancers around the world 1980s-2000

(Includes footage from Afghanistan, Colombia, Chechnya, Lebanon, Kurdistan, Philippines, Indonesia, Somalia, Angola, Sierra Leone, Ethiopia, Sudan).

Journeyman Pictures


Netflix recommendations:

  • ‘Dying to Tell’ (2018) 1hr 28 mins (Spanish with English Subtitles) by Filmmaker Hernan Zin
  • ‘Hondros’ (2017) 1 hr 32 mins – the story of Chris Hondros


Amazon recommendations:

  • ‘War Reporter: Cameras Don’t Stop Bullets’ (2017) 54 mins
  • ‘The War Reporter’ (2010) 54 mins – the life of Martin Adler
  • ‘Jim: The James Foley Story’ (2016) 1 hr 52 mins (Rent: £3.49)
  • ‘The War Reporters’ (2019) 52 mins – Iranian War Reporters in September 1980


A Good Day To Die ‘Hoka Hey’ – documentary by Monfils Pictures

“A Good Day To Die documents the life story and extraordinary adventures of British conflict photographer Jason P. Howe.

I recommend you watch this documentary as it contains a depth of honesty I’ve rarely seen in films dealing with this subject matter.

If you reside in UK you can watch it on or if outside, you can access the film on demand as




David Pratt @ForeignCorr1

David Pratt, Foreign Correspondent, Herald Scotland describes his career in international journalism to delegates at Future News Worldwide 2017.

The conference for aspiring young journalists took place at the Scottish Parliament from 5-7 July 2017



The War over Syria – BBC World Service (25 mins)

The Documentary Podcast – Barbara Plett investigates how the conflict in Syria, and the future of the Assads, might reshape the Middle East.


The Seeds of Conflict – Kosovo 3 Part Series – BBC World Service – The Documentary Podcast (May-June 1999)


New Media:

UN Plan of Action on the safety of journalists and the issue of impunity


CPJ (Committee to Protect Journalists)

Reports: Attacks on the Press


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