Alternative Conflict Reportage

Recommendations for further understanding around the subject / theme:


Waltz with Bashir – animation

Persopolis – Iran

Syria: Witnesses for the Prosecution (47 mins) 2016-17

War Hospital – Sudan – National Film Board of Canada

A Call From The Hostage-Takers (2019) 59 mins: Tehran US Embassy Hostages in 1980


BURKINABÈ RISING: the art of resistance in Burkina Faso – by Cultures of Resistance Films 

A small landlocked country in West Africa, Burkina Faso is home to a vibrant community of artists, musicians, & engaged citizens who carry on the revolutionary spirit of Thomas Sankara, killed in a coup d’état led by his best friend and advisor Blaise Compaoré, who then ruled the country as an autocrat for 27 years, till a massive popular insurrection led to his removal. Today, the spirit of resistance and political change is mightier than ever and it permeates every aspect of the Burkinabè life. It is an inspiration, not only to Africa, but to the rest of the world.


Book: The Photographer by Emmanuel Guibert

In 1986, Afghanistan was torn apart by a war with the Soviet Union. This graphic novel/photo-journal is a record of one reporter’s arduous and dangerous journey through Afghanistan, accompanying the Doctors Without Borders.

Didier Lefevre’s photography, paired with the art of Emmanuel Guibert, tells the powerful story of a mission undertaken by men and women dedicated to mending the wounds of war.


Latitude Adjustment podcast (67 mins) 25th August 2018

Eric Maddox in-conversation with Tara Todras- Whitehill.

“A recipient of the James Foley Award for Conflict Reporting, she’s been on the move for a long time, both as a veteran of Middle East reporting with Reuters, AP, and the New York Times, and now with her own production company, Vignette Interactive, which helps humanitarian nonprofits tell their stories through mixed media.”

New Media:

Joe Sacco – Journalist / Artist – graphic novels (images)

“The Maltese-American cartoonist Joe Sacco is best known for his reportage, a form he has made uniquely his own; his books Palestine and Safe Area Gorazde are classics of their kind.” Rachel Cooke, The Guardian 9th September 2013.

The Great War – a copy is held in the Conflict Reportage Archive. It depicts the first day of the Battle of the Somme.

The Fixer – by Joe Sacco

“Nobody is doing what Joe Sacco is doing; the writer-artist has visited some of the world’s worst war zones and not merely written movingly about them but carefully drawn them, as well. The effect is transporting – Sacco drags readers into war-torn Bosnia and gives them both a sense of place and a sense of urgency, and like the best journalists, he’s got an eye for the rich, contradictory, infuriating people who can make you care about something you ought to care about.

In the title story of this astonishing collection of short nonfiction, Sacco focuses on a bored ex-mercenary with nothing to do after the end of the long and horrifically bloody war. On the one hand, it’s about wartime abstractions like reparations and displacement; on the other, it’s the incredibly urgent tale of an edgy, frightening guy who’d rather be killing people and may yet get to.” Sam Thielman, The Guardian 17th December 2015,

Al Jazeera uses 360-video to show the scale of destruction in Yemeni civil war

Emmy-nominated ‘Yemen’s Skies of Terror’ takes viewers into the heart of the conflict with powerful accounts from children on the front line.

Cameroon: Anatomy of a Killing – Documentary – BBC Africa Eye


The E-Team (Available to watch on Netflix)

‘When atrocities are committed in countries held hostage by ruthless dictators, Human Rights Watch sends in the E-Team (Emergencies Team), a collection of fiercely intelligent individuals who document war crimes and report them to the world.’

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